Building Now for Your Child’s Future

We know you want the best for your child, and for many parents that means giving your child a college education. The Lifestyle Wealth Group offers you a solution that is much better than the traditional 529 College Savings plan that most people know about. In contrast, the Lifestyle Wealth Group’s 729 Flex Plan offers complete flexibility in the way the money is used. And if your child decides not to take the collegiate path, there is NEVER any fee or penalty. Your child might want to use the money to buy a home, to finance a non-college learning experience anywhere in the world, or maybe even use that money to start a business. It’s all up to you. You sure don’t get those kind of options with the government’s 529 plan! Plus, the 729 Flex Plan offers the guaranteed security so that whether you’re here or not, your child will be able to do all the things in life you had hoped he or she would be able to do. Would you like to know more about having the 729 Flex Plan working for you?

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