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They were going to live out the rest of their lives “broke” (as I heard many people say).  

I heard advisers telling their clients they wouldn’t be able to quit working, or buy the vacation home they’d dreamed about, or take the trip of lifetime that they’d planned in retirement. 

I kept asking myself “How could I believe in a system that would let this happen to people?”

And then it dawned on me…”Wait, what do wealthy people do?  

They don’t start over every time the market crashes, they always have time and money! Not only do they have enough money for their lives, they have enough to pass on to the next generation!”  

I concluded that there was more to learn and I set my sights on finding out!

I interviewed wealthy people and found that they kept some or most of their money tax free accounts, using the IRS tax code.  

They made sure their money never went backwards, and made sure they had the liquidity to take advantage of life’s opportunities as they came along.  

I felt like I had uncovered the truth about building wealth in a safe and secure way!

So, for the last decade, I’ve been teaching people what I learned. I have been speaking across the country, being interviewed on radio shows, podcasts, and even on livestream/tv because I’m so passionate about sharing the strategies that the wealthy use to keep the money they’ve worked for and enjoy life to the fullest.

Which is exactly what I’m doing these days. I live in sunny South Florida close to my kids and grand kids. When I’m not helping entrepreneurs building tax-free wealth, I’m spending time with family or riding my paint mare, Coco.

Hi there! I’m Cheryl. 🙂 


I’m sure you want to know who I am, what I do and how I got into this, right? 

Here’s my story:

I had been an entrepreneur for over 35 years when my life hit a big snag.

I realized I knew how business worked but I didn’t know how money worked, so I decided to become a financial adviser.   

I went to school, passed my tests, and was hired by a global investment firm right out of school.

That was late in 2007 and we all know what happened in 2008, right?! 

The market crashed, the economy crashed, and people lost 20%, 30%, even 40% of what they’d worked all their lives to save. It was devastating!!  

My fellow advisers were trying to stop the bleeding but the more they traded in their client’s accounts, the further down they went. 

I went to bed every night sick at my stomach because I realized that after following the best advice of Wall Street, the banks, and the IRS, people’s lives were going to be drastically different than they had imagined.  

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